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Forosuul Silverthorn

Patriarch of the House

The Last Breath and The First

The strange tale of how Forosuul Silverthorn came to be raised by poor farmers in Elwynn Forest, years before the Kal'dorei were known in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Leaving Home

Forosuul meets his Uncle Jonah, and a terrible string of events is set in motion.

Returning Home

Years later, Forosuul is finally brought home by his Uncle, and the tragedy of his life takes shape.


Tindomiel's fear of heights is finally overcome.

First Meeting

Forosuul meets his grandfather, Kalithil, and learns something of his origins.

Three Conversations

Forosuul has a series of conversations that end up having great consequences for the future of his family.

Foreign Cuisine

For a time, Tindomiel and Forosuul were very happy in Pandaria.

The Hammer Time

Following the death of Gul'Dan, Illidan has returned from the dead to lead his Illidari, and Forosuul must face his judgement.


Forosuul tells Lilybeth how he and Tindomiel met.

An Encounter

Forosuul and Estelæth meet in trying circumstances.


Forosuul responds to an invitation from Estelæth and it does not go the way either of them expects.


Kasuura, Matriarch of the House of Moonwhisper, suffers the price for her folly.


The House lays Lilybeth's murdered mother to rest


Lily gives birth to the twins.

The Blessing & The Curse

The family gathers to bless the newborn children of Lilybeth and Kalithil, but events take a dark turn

First Mission

Eliân recalls her first mission with Forosuul, years ago.


Tindomiel blames herself for her choices.

To Safety

The family moves to the Fortress to gather in safety.


Ælithil confronts Forosuul about Eliân.


Forosuul explains politics to Lily