Coming Together, Part 1


Eliân urged the dragon to Portal Lake. Bringing it down quickly, she dashed through the portal to Pandaria. Blinking at the brightness on the other side, she mounted up and flew as fast as she was able to the Heartland.

Forosuul gathered the eggs one by one into the basket slung over his arm. He carefully inspected each one, leaving a few for the hens to nest on. He reached down a snatched a large chicken about the top of its neck. With a quick jerking motion, he snapped its neck and brought it to the steps. “Tindo? I’ve got the chicken for you.” He chuckled, “Hope you’re hungry.”

She stepped out onto the porch with a smile that quickly faded. “Oh look…we have a visitor,” she said flatly. She reached down and took the bird. Heading off to the side of the house, she sat down and started to pluck the feathers.

Foro looked up to see Elian coming in fast. He arched an eyebrow, setting the basket aside. “What’s going on, Eli,” asking as she slid from the saddle. “Not that I mind the visit, but you seem to be in a hurry. Wanting to get back to Sutrakarre?” He grinned at her.

“No. You need to get to Stormwind. Now. Your wife too. Someone attacked Kalimè. Sutra’s taking her to the Cathedral. But it’s really bad. She doesn’t look like she’s gonna make it.” Her expression was blank, as she presented it with all the emotion of someone ordering a plate of cheese.

Behind Forosuul, Tindomiel dropped the hen on the floor. Her eyes were wide as she stood and ran inside. Grabbing a small bag, she dug out her hearth stone to Dalaran. She activated it before Forosuul could even move.

“Where? Do you know where,” he demanded. Eliân nodded. “Find Doozy and get over there. Before anything gets lost. We need as much detail as possible. Go!” His own hearth stone was in his hand in a flash.


Düzulf Stonetree sat on the small dock, casting his line into the water. A little bucket of fish to his side, he hummed softy to himself. Eliân’s voice behind him, broke his reverie. “Doozy.”

He sighed heavily. “You made me miss,” he grumbled at her.

“We got work to do, Kalithil’s kid was attacked.” She said flatly.

“Eh?” He turned to her raising a bushy eyebrow. Eli gave him a quick rundown of what she knew and he jumped to his feet. Grabbing his things, he headed quickly towards his house. “Lemme get me kit.”

Not long after, they stood on the cliffs. Eli pointed out the ledge where Kalimè had been found. But Düzulf had shifted into his work mode. He slowly paced the location, picking up hints and clues. “She sat here, prolly watchin’ tha ships come in.” Eli raised an eyebrow. “Little butt print.” Walking from that point, he tracked the trampled ground back to a tall tree. “They waited fer ‘er here. Knew ‘er routine.” He moved around the tree, taking note of pieces of information most would never notice. “No, wait. One of ‘em tailed her from inside the city.”

Bit by bit, he pieced together what he could from the area. Soft shoes. Heavy weapons. She fought back, but was overwhelmed. They moved down to the ledge. The lack of large amounts of blood told them no blades were used. He looked over the area carefully. “Tha ledge was an accident. Meant for ‘er ya land in tha water. Down there she’d not wash away fer two, three days. Plenty’a time fer us ya find ‘er.”

“So they meant ta kill ‘er.” Eliân training and time working for the dwarves always showed when she spoke with Doozy.

“Aye. Meant fer ‘er to be found. But why leave ‘er on tha ledge? Why not come down?” He scowled, looking around.

“Weren’t prepared fer a climb mehbe,” Eli offered.

Doozy snapped his finger suddenly. “They weren’t prepared fer ‘er ta fight back. Took too long. Dinnae know she was trained.”

“They ran outta time,” she nodded. “Let’s git back, tell Foro what ya found.” They mounted up and headed towards the Cathedral.

The Healers

Concurrent with the inspection of the cliffs

Tindomiel bolted in, finding Sutrakarre seated outside of the room Kalimè had been moved into. He stood and bowed to Tindomiel and Forosuul as they entered. Forosuul walked straight on through to sit with Kalimè. Tindomiel looked to him, concerned. “Sutrakarre. What happened?”

The man sighed. He gestured for them to go downstairs and sit. She looked into the room, watching her husband as he knelt next to the bed and spoke softly to Kalimè. She nodded and followed him to the sitting area. He took some time and explained how he sensed something was off. About searching the area until he found her on the small ledge. “I ease pain, heal superficial wounds. Move her here.”

“How bad is it?” Tindomiel’s voice grew more and more worried.

Sutrakarre frowned. “Shattered leg. Shattered cheekbone. Broken arm. Broken hand. Broken ribs. May find more. Bones are set. Have urged them to knit faster.” He sighed a little.

Tindomiel looked down at her hands. “Someone meant to kill her…” she said softly.

Sutrakarre nodded. “Kalimè said was 3 men, all night elf. Did not know them.” Tindomiel frowned, scratching her forehead. “One other thing,” he said. He reached into his robe and pulled out a crumpled piece of parchment. “Was this, bound to her hand.” He held it out to her.

The woman reached out and took it. Turning it over, she asked, “Bound to her hand?” Sutrakarre nodded. “But…this is my daughter’s name.” She trembled a little as she carefully unfolded it. Scanning the page, “This makes no sense…”


“It says, ‘You will learn what it felt like…Iasea.’” She frowned. “Who is Iasea?”

Sutrakarre shrugged. “Never hear name. Alsabe know, maybe? Someone send her message this way.” He looked thoughtful. “She have enemies?”

Tindomiel shook her head. “I am not certain. The things my daughter was forced to do before she came to us…it is possible.” Sutrakarre frowned. “But then why attack Kalimè?” Sutrakarre pursed his lips. Tindomiel looked up at him. “You have a thought.”

“How Kalimè and Alsabe connected?”

“Alsabe is Lilybeth’s best friend. Sisters in every way but blood,” she explained. “Kalimè is Lily’s daughter.”

Sutrakarre scratched his chin. “Alsabe…ever kill?” He seemed to be working through possibilities. “Not demons, people.” Tindomiel shook her head. “But connected to those who have?”

The Kaldorei woman sighed. “Yes. Many members of this House.” Sutrakarre face fell suddenly. Tindomiel frowned. “Yes, I know. We have not…always been good people…”

“No…” he said. Sutrakarre held up a hand, cutting her off. “Kalimè have brother.”

“She does. A twin, Ælithil.” The Draenei looked at her meaningfully. “You think he had something to do with this?” Her tone was incredulous.

Sutrakarre sighed. “No. He next target.” He pointed to the page in her hand. “Read note again.”

“Gods!” She read it over twice more as the realization set in. “This person is going after family!” Sutrakarre nodded. Tindomiel looked to the door and to the stairs, trying to figure out which way to go. “I have to…I need…Damn this!”

“Sutrakarre stay with Kalimè. Nothing will harm her.”

Tindomiel called upstairs. “Foro! We have to find Ælithil! Now!” From above, the sounds of him rising to his feet could be heard. A quick muffled goodbye, followed by the noise of him bolting down the steps. Sutrakarre nodded. With a flash of light, his simple robes were replaced with his full fighting kit. “Keep her safe. Please,” she pleaded.

Sutrakarre nodded curtly. “No one not of House will get by.” Sutrakarre pulled his spear from his back, hitting the butt against the floor with a resounding thud.

“She is more precious than you know,” she told him before turning and walking out the door to join Forosuul. Facing her husband, she asked. “Who is Iasea?”

The demon hunter’s eyes flared behind their covering. “Kasuura’s youngest. The one we let live…”