Lily’s Version

Lilybeth sat, placing the pages carefully together. Each piece a part of Forosuul’s story. His life, put down by her hand. She half grumbled, half chuckled at his account of meeting Tindomiel. It was so wrong. They were so perfect for each other. The way they started should have been beautiful and full of…she snapped her fingers.

Lifting a quill, she grabbed some blank pages. I’m going to show them how it should have been, she thought to herself. Placing the tip into the ink she began:

He was sitting beneath a great tree reading by moonlight. As he finished his page he looked up, seeing the slender beauty before him. Her pale skin glowing, he was unable to take his eyes from her. Long green hair tumbled down over her shoulders, hints of her true silver hair shimmering in places. She was looking around, searching for something. He called out to her and she spun around, her hair swirling around her.

“You seem lost. Can I help?” He spoke softly, realizing her ha startled her a bit. She didn’t responded at first, simply stared at him. “Miss? Are you all right? Can I help you in some way?”

She regarded him for a moment and smiled. “You are Kaldorei. But I cannot place that accent. Where are you from?” Pushing a lock of hair from her face, she studied him carefully.

He blushed lightly and smiled, “I only learned to speak Darnassian this past year. I was raised in Elwynn, Miss..,I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name. Mine is Forosuul.” He rose slowly, bowing in a grand manner.

“Tindomiel Whi…Tindomiel. It is nice to meet you, Forosuul,” she returned the bow, stepping closer. Their eyes locked, as they silently took each other in.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered to her. “I’ve never seen one so beautiful.”

She blushed fiercely, biting her lip and looking away. “Thank you,” she responded gently. “You are quite handsome yourself.” She was so lost in the moment, she hadn’t noticed him moving to her, closing the gap between them. “Did you say Elwynn?”

“I did.” He motioned for her to sit with him. She moved slowly to the tree and settled down on the blanket he had spread out. He joined her and began to tell his tale. They spoke for hours under the stars. They found an ease and comfort in each other neither had ever experienced.

As the sun began to rise, he leaned in, tipping her chin up to his face. He gently pressed his lips to hers as her eyes fluttered closed.

“That’s what should have happened,” she said to herself.