Dramatis Personae

Characters of Note, Living and Dead

Incomplete list, this will be added to as time goes on.

Kalithil Silverthorn

The Progenitor. An ancient sorcerer. Great in knowledge, if not in raw power. Kalithil was born to a full kal’dorei mother and a father who still exhibited some trollish traits.

Kalithil was born with the distinctive Silverthorn coloring, for which he was teased an ostracized as a child. The family surname is taken from a type of ancient tree (now thought extinct) species that had white bark, blueish leaves and wicked light gray thorns all over. The early superstitious kal’dorei believed Kalithil was cursed, and called him the Silverthorn after the tree, which was notoriously invasive and hard to get rid of. Having a silverthorn tree near your home was believed to attract evil.

After his father’s death, Kalithil took this unpleasant nicknamed as his own, and passed it down. His experiences as a child left him wary of outsiders and determined to make his mark and most of all, show up his tormentors. To this end he spent years developing a complicated blood ritual that, when complete, enthroned his odd coloring into his bloodline for all time. Every child born of a Silverthorn parent has the pale skin and white hair. This trait has disseminated among the kal’dorei people at large, but all of those who share it have Kalithil as their utmost ancestor. Most kal’dorei of Silverthorn lineage in the modern day are unaware of the House or their connection to it.

During his life Kalithil has undergone long periods of self-imposed exile, emerging from time to time to check the state of his bloodline. The latest such appearance began shortly after the Third War, and has resulted in the sudden re-emergence of the House.

Kajeda Silverthorn (Deceased)

Kajeda was the Matriarch of the House from the time of the War of the Ancients up until her recent death. She was murdered protecting the lives of her family from an attack by felsworn shal’dorei in league with Mire, the rogue cousin of Tyrande and second of the House of Whisperwind.

Kajeda became Matriarch at a very young age, when her mother was killed during a troll raid. Unsure of herself and her new position, she discovered that the legendary father of her bloodline, Kalithil, had emerged from hiding. Kajeda promptly seduced him in order to keep him focussed and secure his power for her House. They had a daughter, Silea, who would go on to be accidentally (or was it?) responsible for the preservation of the bloodline in later epochs.

(Warning:non-canonical concepts) Following the War of the Ancients, Kajeda was an early volunteer and devotee of the new druidic way. She was also its victim. Some of the earliest experiments in the feral druid disciplines resulted in students going wild, much as would happen with the wolf forms in later centuries. The cat forms were eventually successfully tamed, and the early failures covered up. Many of the early victims were female, which was a factor in the millennia-long exclusion of women from druidic life, with Malfurion attempting to claim their gender as the problematic factor in order to prevent druidism from becoming stigmatized. Kajeda became locked in her cat form, and remained thus for thousands of years. This was a primary factor in the decline of the House following The Sundering.

Kajeda regained her natural form not long before the Legion invasion of the Broken Isles. The catalyst is unknown, but likely was a result of her coming into contact with the scent of her grandson, Forosuul.

After her re-awakening, Kajeda worked to secure her diminished House and gather her people to her. Before her death, she was able to witness the birth of a new generation of the Silverthorn line. She gave her life gladly in order to preserve them.

Silea Silverthorn (Deceased)

Silea was the daughter of Kalithil and Kajeda, born in the years just previous to the War of the Ancients. She was a gifted priestess, and went to serve in the Temple in Val’sharah at a young age.

Millennia later, Silea would receive visions in the form of dreams, telling her of a coming darkness. Elune was sending her visions of the original Horde Invasion. Ignored by her superiors, she gathered a small group of believers and sailed east. During the voyage she conceived a child with the druid Edræth Shadowsong. Her expedition landed on the shores of Westfall in the very year of the opening of the Dark Portal. They went secretly, but ran afoul of a forward scouting party of orcs and were slaughtered, every one. Silea, who gave birth to her child during the battle, died from complications of childbirth before she could even name her son. He would go on to be christened Forosuul many years later.

To read the story of their arrival in Westfall and the battle, click here.

Forosuul Silverthorn

Forosuul is the son of Silea and the grandson of Kajeda and Kalithil. His father was Edræth Shadowsong, but this is currently unknown due to the unique circumstances of his birth. Forosuul’s tale is long and full of twists and bizarre events, more so than even the older members of the House. His life has been described as a “gordian knot wrapped ‘round a moebius strip”.

Forosuul was born the night his mother and her companions died, the first kal’dorei to reach the Eastern Kingdoms, although time and events have obscured this bit of trivia. Forosuul was found by human farmers living in Elwynn Forest and raised as their adopted son. Through a combination of secrets societies, would-be usurpers, crown loyalists, bronze dragons, the machinations of Mire Whisperwind, and even the influence of the Betrayer, Illidan himself; Forosuul has during his life pursued the paths of Rogue, Hunter, Druid, Monk, and Demon Hunter. Today, a Demon Hunter he remains, his final transformation being the one he can not simply renounce.

After the death of Kajeda, with no one willing or able to lead his House, Forosuul broke with kal’dorei Great House tradition and assumed its leadership, referring to himself as Patriarch. House leadership has ever been based on custom rather than law, and so while the women of the House Council are severely displeased by these events, there is little they can do in the short term.

Forosuul adopts many human traditions in honor of his adoptive parents, one of which being that he married the love of his life, Tindomiel Silverthorn.

Tindomiel Silverthorn

Tindomiel is the birth daughter of Mire Whisperwind, cousin of Tyrande and second of the House of Whisperwind. Her birth father is Tellanon Shadowthorn, though she only learned of this very recently. She was hidden away from most of society until such time as she could bring more prestige to her mother by producing a child. Suffering millennia of systematic abuse by Mire to do and be what she was told, she harbors a lot of doubts about herself. Her mother frequently used Silannah (more on her later), the captain of the guard for the House, to “train” Tindomiel. This almost always ended in Silannah beating Tindomiel with practice swords.

During the Third War, she attempted to help fight off an attack and was severely injured by an orc who took her sword and turned it on her. As a result, she is no longer able to produce children.

She was training as a priestess according to her family’s wishes when she decided it wasn’t what she wanted. She ran off and found her way to the Moonglade where she presented herself for druid training. This is where she met Forosuul and their story together begins.

Tindomiel is extremely empathic. To a level that after major emotional events, she becomes unable to function.

In recent years, Mire’s machinations cause terrible grief and pain, but also resulted in Tindomiel becoming a Silverthorn and leaving the House of Whisperwind. She returned to the Priesthood and wields holy light in defense of the people she cares for. Do not place yourself on the wrong side of her. She has a powerful and deadly level of control over void magic.

Lilybeth Starblossom

Commoner by birth, Lilybeth was not born into a House. She is the only child of Celebsilmare (recently deceased) Starblossom, a gifted tailor. Lilybeth has a hunger for knowledge and reads everything she can get her hands on. A gifted scribe, for several years she was employed by the library in Darnassus as a restoration or copy specialist. She is able to recreate the script work of others very precisely.

When mages were allowed back into Kaldorei society, she felt comfortable trying out her fascination with fire. Which quickly led to her dismissal from the library out of fear she would burn it down.

She attempted to work with a number of instructors, all of which sent her away because she was too excitable and talked way too much. Eventually she found her way into the tutelage of Kalithil Silverthorn. He quickly turned her away from fire studies over to the arcane which she has shown incredible skill wielding. However, despite have a wealth of raw power, she is prone to mistakes that can prove dangerous and deadly as she is often governed by her emotions.

Being utterly without guile has presented her with a number of difficulties in a House bound up at war with another. It has left her with emotional scars. Despite this, she is ever looking for new friends.

Silannah Silverthorn – The Redwing

Commoner by birth, she bears the Silverthorn coloring and only recently learned of her connection to this House. She is a skilled and powerful warrior who began her training during the War of the Ancients.

Working hard to prove herself gained her a position of prestige. She was named the Captain of the Guard for the House of Whisperwind. You can read the event that led to that here. She served them loyally for thousands of years. Her tasks were often mundane but Mire’s desire to control the world around her caused some of Silannah’s work to be distasteful and cruel.

Not long after Kajeda reawakened to claim her House, Silannah was sent to bring Tindomiel home. Kajeda took advantage of Silannah’s unhappiness in her position to claim her for the Silverthorn. Soon after, Silannah was named Consort to the Matriarch.

After Kajeda’s death, Silannah was named Mistress at Arms for the House and serves to train the younger members in combat.

Tellanon Shadowthorn (Deceased)

Tindomiel’s birth father, he is the last to bear the name of Shadowthorn; he will be the last of his line except in the unlikely event that Tindomiel takes up the name or he has more children.

Crass and irreverent to the point of being intolerable, Tellanon is a broken man. He suffered centuries of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of his insane mother. Obsessive about his work and ambivalent or hostile to everything else, he has been dragged whining and sulking into the arms of his newfound family.

Over nine millennia ago, shortly after his mother’s suicide by immolation, Tellanon, despairing of his ability to maintain the Treasury, sought the aid of the House of Whisperwind. He got as far as an audience with Mire, Second of the House, who saw in him nothing more than a potential sire of children. She drugged and seduced him, and Tindomiel was the result.

These days Tellanon maintains the Treasury under Tindomiel’s supervision, and avoids his family as much as he can.

Update: Tellanon, seeking some time away from the stresses of his life, went to the small village of Dolanaar for a retreat. Tragically, he was there when the Horde burned Teldrassil. He was much too far away from Darnassus for evacuation.  He died on the tree with his lover, Lanthirie.

The Twins

The twins, comprised of Ælithil and Kalimè, were born to Kalithil and Lilybeth a bit under three years ago. Due to Lilybeth’s inadvisable use of temporal magic during her pregnancy, a chronomaly was introduced into their physiology which caused both to skip ahead for months and even years at a time during their first year of life. Eventually, Kalithil discovered the key to stopping the time skips, and Ælithil and Kalimè stabilized at an apparent age of around 25 years. An odd side effect of the temporal skips is that both children experienced the “skipped” years. They have memories of lives no one else experienced, and a timeline which has been all but erased due to the changes to the time stream their skips caused. The loss of what they call their “other life” causes great distress and sometimes psychological difficulties for them.

Æltihil Silverthorn

In Ælithil’s case, his first time skip coincided unfortunately with a nexus point in the time stream, and he retains memories of multiple – perhaps hundreds –  of alternate timelines. The conflicting input caused him severe depression and resulted in him “giving up”, due to feeling as if his life had no meaning. Many, many beatings via his Patriarch-mandated mentor, Silannah, has helped him cope. Falling head over heels with Niquisse didn’t hurt either.

Ælithil is a warrior of considerable potential. He trains under Silannah, whose brutal regimen is molding him into a worthy member of the House.

Kalimè Silverthorn

For Kalimè, she remembers an entire life, complete, with the time skips woven in. Each time they would skip, for her, it was similar to being yanked back in time. She can tell you the events of all 6 time skips, save the first. With each occurance, they hurt more and more as she had to relearn how to be with her family. This manifested in her becoming overly driven, though wild in her attempts to become stronger, faster, a better fighter.

She is becoming a skilled monk under the tutelage of Estelæth Deepshade. Through her trials and training, Estelæth has taught Kalimè to calm her mind and focus her energy. Kalimè followed in her mother’s footsteps and fell for her Shan’do. They live and train happily together in Pandaria’s bamboo forest.

Eliân Morningsong

Eliân is the Blade of the Patriarch. Aka the House assassin. She is incapable of most emotion and kills with extreme accuracy. A friend from Forosuul’s past, she answers to him alone in her duties. She is common born of simple leather workers from Ashenvale. However, she has cut all ties with her family and avoids her past in Kaldorei society. She will only speak Darnassian if she is on the job among Kal’dorei.

She once served in SI:7 alongside Forosuul. After leaving, she positioned herself as the personal assassin for King Magni. When he became the Avatar, she was left without a place, moving from task to task until Forosuul found her again.

An alchemist out of necessity, she works all manner of herbs and blossoms into deadly combinations as well as antidotes to survive them. A walk in her garden may kill you.

Dæsin Silverbranch

Daesin is a distant cousin of the Silverthorns, his branch of the family tree having left generations back to separate themselves from the politics and rivalries of the Houses. They changed their name to Silverbranch and became retainers of the Feathermoons. Dæsin’s family served faithfully in Feralas for a great many years. His father was a respected druid who led Dæsin to the same path. His father is now lost in the Nightmare and one of Dæsin’s driving forces is his attempts to find him and bring him home. 

A very large man, Dæsin can be very intimidating. Exceedingly tall and broad, he is well suited the shape of a great bear which he uses to protect those he cares for. He is a kind and gentle soul, very much at odds with his frighteningly large form. Having befriended Lilybeth while she was learning on Draenor, he was pulled into the House after his connection was made clear. Lilybeth, knowing his need to look after those who needed protection, saw an opportunity and pushed he and Alsabe towards one another, which led to a sweet and happy romance between the two.

Niquisse Greythorn

The only other of Gilræn’s line is Niquisse. Known as Niqi to friends and family, she is a sweet girl with an incredible level of curiosity. She was raised in an incredibly sheltered environment by her parents, who rarely let her leave the estate and never unattended. 

Magic being a matter of much importance in Silvermoon, Niqi struggled to prove herself capable. Unfortunately the most she found herself able to do with Arcane was a simple trick allowing her to cause hair to grow longer or smooth out the style with her fingers. After being mocked by a few girls one day, she muttered a little curse under her breath. The girl’s skin broke out in sores suddenly. As it turned out, Niqi was rather good with using shadow for curses. She attempted to train as a warlock, with little success. 

After the Scourge attacks, Gilræn gathered the traumatized girl away from the city. She was the only one to survive the undead assault. They moved around for a time before being invited to work with Umbric and his people. The incident in Telogrus affected them along with the others. Now Ren’dorei, they had to find a place in Stormwind. 

Niqi was happy to find a position working in a tailoring shop where she met her dearest friend Anas, who she now considers her brother. Not long after, she met Ælithil, leading her and Gilræn back to the Silverthorns. She and Ælithil are madly in love with each other and while she serves to ease his depression, he helps her navigate her fears of the world. A gifted ballerina and seamstress she loves creating beautiful clothing for people and finds peace in dancing. She would spend all of her time and efforts towards making others happy if she were able.

Sellynna Greythorn

Sellynna is a Greythorn Realm character. For more information, check that out!

Sellynna was raised on a farm, one of many daughters of that family. In that realm, families can sell their children to the Order in exchange for funds to maintain their family and home. Sellynna was one of those given over. It is considered a very high honor to be accepted by the Hierarch into the Order. Family ties are severed and they live solely to serve. Sellynna is very driven to do well, and moreover to impress the Hierarch, Borænin, who she quickly developed a crush for. She pushed herself hard in her training to do anything she was able in an attempt to catch his eye.

Sellynna trained as an infiltration and information specialist. She was prepared to do anything that was asked of her, though truth be told, a lot of it she found distasteful. Her training course was decided when it was discovered that she has a nearly photographic memory. 

Though she is completely unaware of it, she is quite lovely to look at. Her features are captivating, which drew the unwanted attention of not only a few trainers, but the Warrant Officer. When she refused his advances, he sent her through the rift to work with Borænin as a green Novice. Her uniform was missing and she had never worked an off-realm mission before. Should the Lord Protector see her in anything other than perfect presentation, it could mean severe punishment. Evil Gil also has no patience for working in Novices and mistakes while serving him directly are punishable by death. The Warrant Officer had served her up for execution.