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Silannah Silverthorn

Mistress at Arms


Silannah's heart was frozen in the span of a few days. It would be thousands of years before anyone could reach it.

The Wills

Kalithil and Kajeda have a confrontation long in the making


The House lays Lilybeth's murdered mother to rest

The Blessing & The Curse

The family gathers to bless the newborn children of Lilybeth and Kalithil, but events take a dark turn

Love Letter

Kajeda was gone for over a year. She had shut it out. But questions had been asked that opened the wound.

Long Night

Ælithil finds Silannah on the edge of death.

Letting Go

Silannah wakes after being rescued by Ælithil.


Silannah and Gilræn grew close very quickly. Her trust in him is nearly complete.


Healing comes in many forms.

To Safety

The family moves to the Fortress to gather in safety.