Seated in a small chair at the back of the library, Tindomiel’s fingers traced over the pages in front of her. It had taken her a week to locate the right books here in Edra’thas. Beside her was a notebook, full of her little scribblings. There were whispers of demons beginning again. She wanted to understand what choices had been made before.

The clanking of heavy boots broke her concentration. Her long ears twitched, odd, that almost sounds like…oh no…please no. She turned and her shoulders fell. She thought about her past few years and her face twisted. She stood, staring at the woman who tortured her for years. “No! Whatever my mother has to offer, the answer is no. I’ll not have prizes dangled in front of me to do her bidding. Go away, Silannah. I’ve made a life. I followed the druid’s path. Tell my mother that is my choice.”

Silannah stood there, silent. She tossed a bag at Tindomiel’s feet and motioned for her to open it. Tindomiel bent down and undid the lacing at the top. Reaching in, her fingers found something crusty. As she lifted it out, her face lost all color. It was his shirt. Torn, covered in blood. Too much blood. Pulling out another item, her face lost all expression. His eyepatch, looking very much like it had been ripped from his face. Silannah was speaking, but Tindomiel heard nothing. The sound in her mind was deafening silence. The room started to spin around her, her mouth filling with saliva. She only half felt herself hit the floor.

Some time later, how long she could not say, she started to come around. Someone held a cool rag to her neck. Silannah knelt before her. Tindomiel studied her face for a moment before the words came into focus. “…and we searched, but we were not able to locate him. Tindomiel, he’s gone. I’m sorry, but he is. You have to accept that. Come home and be with your family.”

Tindomiel blinked up at the older kaldorei. “Forosuul can’t be gone. He was just on a hunting trip while I was here. No. This is just his shirt. No…it can’t be true.” She felt ill. The hand at the back of her neck smoothed her hair gently.

“Tindomiel. Listen to me. There was too much blood. There is no way he survived. I cannot be certain what that boy of yours was doing, but no one could live after losing that much. It’s simply impossible. Now come home. For all we know, whoever did this was looking for you.”


“Yes, you. Daughter of the Greatest House. You think they went looking for that little nobody you attached yourself to? Someone could mean you great harm. Your mother will not have it. I have my orders to get you back to Darnassus safely.” Silannah nodded to the others with her. One of them went to speak with the elves working at the other end of the room. Two of them scooped Tindomiel up under the arms. “Let’s get this over with,” Silannah barked at them. For the briefest of moments, there was a hint of something on her face. Just as quickly it was gone.

“Wait! I can find him! Take me there…I can shift and follow his scent….please! Silannah! Please!” The women holding her, tightened their grips on her arms, dragging her from the library.

“No. Forosuul is dead. It is time for you to resume your duties. We are taking you back. Now.”

Tindomiel struggled against her captors, memories flooding in. He can’t be gone…he can’t be…Everything swirled again, the rushing sound filling her ears. She looked up for a moment in terror before her vision closed it and the world went dark.