Love Letter

6 months ago

She sat at the tall table, quill in hand. The parchment lay there, with a single letter scrawled at the top. She bit down on her lip and concentrated on the next one. The quill shook in her hand and she forced it to the page. The words rang in her mind, if she could just see them…

My Kitten, My dearest love,
How can I say how my heart aches for you? How my arms are empty in a way they never should be? You found the walls within me, your love tore them down. You found my heart and made me whole. Would that I could show you all that you mean to me.

Tears ran down her cheeks, dripping down, smearing the two sloppy letters on the page. Two letters. Kajeda had given her the world again and she couldn’t even manage to write two letters beautifully enough to grace her beloved’s eyes. She just wanted to give her one last gift. One last thank you for what she had….

“No!” Silannah screamed into the night. “No…no!” Her hand clenched around the quill, snapping it into several pieces. One of the shards dug into her palm, further enflaming her anger. Taking up the page, she tore at it, destroying what might have been. Sweeping an arm across the table, she sent the ink flying, her meal clattering to the floor.

Pulling down the weapon rack, she railed against her grief, the wound torn open by her thero’shan’s questions. She should have been able to do it again. She put up walls last time. Why could she not do it again? She turned to the window, Elune’s light steaming through the crystal, creating shimmering colors on the floor. “Why do you get to take her from me? How have I offended you so, to take my heart from me?”

She began to shake, falling against the wardrobe. She slowly sank to the floor, weeping in earnest. Her hand hit a bottle of wine. She made to throw it and thought better of it. Maybe she could at least feel numb. Could I drink enough to not feel? Is that what is left to me? She pressed the bottle to her lips, gulping it down. When it was done, she reached for another. Her eyes grew dull. “I cannot do this any longer, Kitten. If your light cannot grace this earth, then I have nothing left. I will find myself with you again soon.”