Void Bolt Ch 10

Niqi stood at the bottom of the ramp, shaking like a leaf. She had her letter in hand, but she seemed to be having a great deal of trouble forcing herself to take the step. Gerald moved just in front of her, and offered her a calming smile. “You can do this, Miss. She’s gonna screech like a banshee, but don’t pay her no mind. You do what you need to do to make your dream come true.”

She nodded, gripping the paper tightly in her hands. She put her right foot forward, taking the first step, then the next. Gerald follow behind her, a large empty box in hand. As the reached the top of the ramp, she pushed the door open, swallowing down the enormous lump in her throat. Her tendrils curled up tightly to her neck, tangling together uncomfortably. 

Shooting her a hard look, Wynne’s lips seemed to disappear. “About time you decided to show your face this morning. Go on then. Get to work. That gown isn’t going to make itself. Really…selling a court gown with Anas out.” 

Niqi winced hard. “M-miss W-w-wynne… I..I am here t-to,” she started. Her lower lip quivered and she froze in place. 

“Well spit it out, girl! We’ve work to do and you are wasting my time,” Wynne snapped. 

Gerald put the box down and moved to Niqi’s side. He gave Wynne a hard look, bringing a gape to her face. He reached down and took the letter from the girl’s trembling hands and presented it to Wynne. 

“What is this nonsense?” She opened it, sneering. “You’ve quit? Well isn’t that nice for you? Take a bloody order that Anas could do, but you never could and then you up and quit on me? Like Fel! You get over to that table and you finish what you started or you’ll not work anywhere in this city!” Her face grew redder and redder as she stepped from behind the counter. 

Niqi stepped backwards, tripping over a small stool. “Y-yes, M-miss Wynne…I-I’m sorry..” Gerald caught her arm, preventing her fall. “I c-can do that,” she added.

“No, Miss. You will not.” He stepped between the two women. “Miss Niqi has given you her resignation, and that’s that.” 

Wynne’s face contorted into the most awful shapes. Expletives started rolling from her lips, none of the quietly. A city guard stepped in the door to which Gerald held up a hand, indicating nothing dangerous was occurring. He gestured to Niqi to begin packing up her things. 

The young Ren’dorei began scrambling to gather her belongings, stuffing them into the box as quickly as she could muster. Each item entering the box seemed to increase the volume at which Wynne Larson cursed. Gerald stayed firm, arms crossed in front of him until she’d finished. Once the last item hit the pile, he placed a hand very gently on Niqi’s back and guided her to the door. 

“Miss Greythorn will not be bothered by any of your threats. And if you mean her harm, I am certain my Master will be happy to come and pay you a visit. Though I doubt very much you would be,” He stated. “Ma’am.” He tipped his head and stepped out behind his young charge. As they closed the door, the sound of glass breaking hit the other side. Niqi ran down the ramp and dropped the box on the grass, breaking down into tears. Gerald reached into his pocket and withdrew a handkerchief. “Never you mind that old witch. She had this comin’ from the sound of it. You don’t deserve to be treated that way, Light knows.”

Niqi took the handkerchief and cleaned her face. “Thank you, Gerald,” she whispered.

“It was nothing. Now, let’s go see that new place you’ve picked out,” he said with a smile. He knelt and lifted the box with ease and offered her his arm. The two walked away, rounding the corner towards the Memorial and a new start.

Across the courtyard, another Ren’dorei woman watched. Her soft violet eyes studied the entire scene, drinking in the events. Looks like I won’t be getting that gown after all, she thought. Sellynna Greythorn made no comment before wrapping the shadows around her a fading from sight. She followed the pair for the rest of the day, gathering as much information as she could to report back to the Hierarch.