The sound of the water coming down over the sharp edge of the fountain creates a soft rushing whisper that drowned out much of the city noise. And most everyone that came down to Lion’s Rest found a place away from others to converse, read or just contemplate the things in their lives. Few noticed her as she sat on the stone platform that overlooked it all.

Niqi’s hands and wrists were grey in places, but the tips of her fingers on her right hand were completely black. She didn’t seem to care. Her focus was on the serene face of a Draenei male who had nodded off while reading. She looked between him and the paper in front of her. She carefully drew the charcoal over the page, creating the soft lines that she would then blur and blend with her fingers.

“That’s nice,” came a voice behind her. The hint of gravel in the tenor tones brought a smile to her face. She looked up at her fiancé’s face.

“You like it?” She moved her charcoal covered fingers back to reveal a surprisingly realistic image of the man sleeping below.

Ælithil smiled at her. “I like it very much,” he complimented. Sitting beside her, he picked up one of the other drawings. “You’re really quite good at this. How come you don’t sell your artwork?”

She giggled. “Thank you, my love. I do it for me. It’s my way to relax,” came a gentle explanation. “What about you? Any hobbies?”

Æl sighed, shaking his head. “Not in this life. I spent too much time drinking and…other things.” He picked up another drawing, “This is cute. Who is she?” He indicated the image of a human child weaving a flower crown.

Niqi looked over at it. “Oh! That’s Anne. The daughter of one of our clients. She likes to play just outside the shop while Anas reworks designs for her mother.” She smiled. “Sometimes a little scene just asks for me to draw it. This was one of those.” She set her drawing aside and leaned into him. “That’s just how hobbies are I guess. They call to you when you need it.”