Surprise Gift

Lilybeth opened the door to the cottage. The early morning air was crisp and clean. She looked back at her sleeping babes and her mate, softly snoring in the bed. Smiling, she looked back outside, she bowed her head reverently to Elune, whose face was about to dip down below the horizon until the evening came. She took a step toward her garden when her foot brushed against a box that had been left there.

Tipping her head to the side, her long azure locks fell in front of her face. She brushed them aside with her long fingers. Now where did this come from, she wondered. She slowly bent down and gathered it up. It was very light and beautifully wrapped in blue paper and tied with a wide white ribbon. Well, let’s take a peek then, she giggled. She carried it back inside, setting it on the table. She pulled up a chair and slowly lowered herself into it. She was still tender and sore from the birth two nights prior.

She untied the bow, smiling wide. Pulling the paper free, she set it to the side, doing her best not to wake the dreamers in the bed. She raised the lid and her eyes opened wide. Gasping, she reached inside, lifting a circle of shimmering cyan and silver feathers. As she did, six strands of glittering silver hung down, feathers dangling at different points, the ends tipped in shimmering crystal dust. At the bottom of the box was a note.

For the twins,
May they always have a sparkle in their lives.
May Aviana carry them on her wings, as they reach for the sky.
May Elune’s light guide them as they grow.
May they always know that they are loved.

She turned the page over, finding it blank. What in the world? She held up the beautiful mobile, letting the firelight sparkle on it as it gently swayed. Shrugging, she smiled happily at the enchanting gift. She reached up and pulled done drying herbs off a hook, hanging this in their place. She picked up her book and opened to the placed marked with a ribbon and waited for everyone else to wake.

Across the fortress, sitting in her room, Tindomiel quietly put away her tools. She neatly folded her deconstructed pair of leather shoulder guards and placed them in her bag with a smile. Leaning back in her chair, she spun a single silver feather between her fingers and laughed.