The Healer and the Assassin

The green haired Kal’dorei stood at the door to Sutrakarre’s quarters. She was wound up tightly, the woman she’d met not an hour earlier stuck in her mind. She’d talked, even flirted with her ex-husband’s sister. She had been cute, confident, and a bit bitter. And Eli had toyed with the idea of seeing how different a brother and sister could be. 

She stared at the wood of the door, spinning her dagger in her fingers. She wanted to slit something open. Why in the fel did she feel as though she’d done something wrong? She just wanted to have a little bit of fun, with a little bit of gnome…

On the other side of the door, the large Draenei sat back in a chair. He flipped through a book, idly musing on his day. His work was fulfilling, helping those who’s minds and souls were not aligned as they should be. His hand rested lightly on the spear beside him, the blue gem glowing ever so softly. 

Sutrakarre raised his head as the door opened slowly. Eliân stepped within, and tossed her bag and hat aside. She drove her dagger firmly into the doorframe and moved to him. Any other man would be dead for looking at her the way he did. But he didn’t utter what she thought she saw behind his eyes. She crawled up into his lap, and for reasons she could not explain, she simply placed her head against his broad chest. 

The gentle healer kissed her brow and for a change, the assassin did not object.