Bitter Truth

She slipped in the small side door into his private office. She had finally completed the recent mission and needed to report in. She was brought up short by the sight of three dwarves arguing in the room. Blending into the shadows, she moved back against the far wall. Her sharp ears picking up on the conversation.

“I dunno what you think can be done about it. He’s done turned himself to diamond. We need to get control of things before chaos takes over the city.”

“Fine. But he had his own private people. How do we go about dealing with them?”

“They take orders from us, or we get rid of them. It’s that simple. I haven’t the time to figure out who is loyal to him alone and who will remain loyal to our people. First things first. Find his pet elf. She’s got no place in a position like that here.”

“That’s not your call alone, Moira. We agreed to rule together.”

“So you want her here? Who calls the shots with her? What if one of us has an issue? Do we then get to be looking over our shoulder’s for my father’s weapon?”

“All right, Lass. You’ve got a point.”

Eliân pulled the dark cloth back over her ears, slinking back into the secret passageway. She let the door close and bolted it from the inside. Muttering a stream of dwarves profanities, the Blade of Magni worked her way back to her house. What the fel am I supposed to do now?

She didn’t belong in Stormwind since Northwind forced her resignation from SI:7. She couldn’t go back to her family. That wasn’t an option. Now, there was nothing for her in Ironforge.

I have no where to go.