From Another Realm Ch 34 – Evaluation

The Ren’dorei woman stood in the middle of the room, every muscle taught, watching the space around her. During a long, and somewhat fraught conversation, the Patriarch suggested this and Sellynna agreed so that she had some purpose. To be honest, she still wasn’t entirely sure how she’d managed to not ruin all of his goodwill towards them. Her reaction to the plan was foolish, but it worked in the sense that she was no longer sitting around on her hands. Now, however, a private meeting with the House assassin suddenly seemed more terrifying than she initially thought. Having told him her training in gathering intel, he seemed eager to set this up. Perhaps eager was the wrong word, determined then. 

The room was stark, a couple of shelves, a small desk and a very, very large bed. All of the furniture was well built, sturdy construction. Someone is very concerned about their furnishing holding up. She smirked a little, the expression wiped from her face as the door opened. In strode a short, green haired Kal’dorei woman. She had a blunt cigar in her mouth and looked for all the world like she owned the place. 

The woman regarded her with a practiced eye. She stepped around Sellynna twice before moving to a chair and kicking her feet up onto the desk. “So. The boss tells me you need some work to do. Time to see if you’re worth it.” She gestured to the room around her. “You’ve been here for a few minutes. Tell me about who lives here.” She took a long pull of the cigar and puffed the smoke out in the younger woman’s direction. 

Sellynna didn’t flinch. She’s goading you. Ignore it. She instead breathed it in and smiled. “Whoever lives here doesn’t worry about creature comforts. Or amassing things. Either they travel extensively or they prefer to remain utilitarian. I’m leaning towards a mix of both. From the clean, crisp edges to everything, soldier. And they are either large and heavy, or they really enjoy sex.” She pointed to the bed. She moved to the bookshelf finding a couple of small crystals. “Draenei most likely, these are not a gem cutter quality for jewelry.”

Eliân grunted, but said nothing. She watched how the Ren’dorei moved through the space, her sharp ears noting how little sound the woman made as she stepped across the wood floor. Five at least, she guessed. 

The Void elf slipped a book from the shelf and flipped through the pages. “Follower of the Light, but questioning things right now.” She stopped suddenly and turned her head to Eliân. “This is Sutrakarre’s room. Does he know you are letting people poke through his things?” 

A wide grin, with wicked edge met her gaze. “No. The idea is to see how much you could give me. And see if you can leave undetected. Tonight, we’ll see if he catches it.” 

“You’re smoking in his room. You are taking away any chance I have of my presence going unnoticed.” She glared at the assassin. 

“Wrong!” She smirked as she uncoiled from her seat. “He knows I come in. He expects me to smoke or…other things in here. Now,” she raised an eyebrow. “I will say you are quick. But I am curious about how you figured out about his beliefs.”

Sellynna held the book out. “The Light and Its Uses,” she offered. “Common book found in the home of believers. Usually given to someone when they start their journey.” She held a hand, her palm parallel with the floor. “Couple that with the scratched and dented pendant here,” she indicated a necklace on the shelf. “Symbols of the Na’aru on it. Well made, well loved. Now covered in dust and shoved to the back of a shelf. Meaning doubts.” She set the book back, very precisely. 

“Hmmm, interesting. I think maybe we need to send you on a small mission. Test you out properly.” She grunted again and indicated Sellynna’s right boot. “Fix your blade pocket though. You’re going to slice your leg open. And change your sleeve weapon. It’s too large and shows when you reach for things.” 

Sellynna unconsciously moved to look at it. When her eyes raised again, she was alone. So, did I pass?  She stood there quietly for a moment before stepping out of the room and closing the door with a soft click.