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Lilybeth Silverthorn


A very young Kalithil witnesses something no one should ever see.

Focus, Bandu

Can Kalithil find a way to focus Lilybeth's power?

Three Conversations

Forosuul has a series of conversations that end up having great consequences for the future of his family.

The Apology

Tindomiel apologizes to Lilybeth for what Tellanon has done.


Tindomiel tries to help Lilybeth understand her choice.


Forosuul tells Lilybeth how he and Tindomiel met.


The House lays Lilybeth's murdered mother to rest


Lily gives birth to the twins.

The Blessing & The Curse

The family gathers to bless the newborn children of Lilybeth and Kalithil, but events take a dark turn

First Snow

The twins see snow after Lilybeth's mistake.


Lilybeth's diary entry of their wedding night.


Kalimè's unusual fear.

To Safety

The family moves to the Fortress to gather in safety.


Forosuul explains politics to Lily

Void Bolt Ch 7

Mehe finds Ælithil and reunites Niqi with her beloved.