The slender Kaldorei woman dusted off the shelves, carefully replacing the books. She worked her way over to the small chest in the corner. Setting down her cloth she settled on the floor. Pushing back a silver lock behind her ear, she smiled. Lifting the lid, she pulled back a piece of linen and began to walk through happy times.

Tindomiel pulled out a small porcelain crane. Its neck was outstretched, beak thrust into the air. The crest in its head unfurled, feathers creating a downturned fan. Her eyes sparkled as she giggled at the broken tail. They were back in Halfhill. She had been trying to make dumplings one night and slipped. She fumbled the dough and knocked the little statues that were sitting in the window over. She tried to catch them, flour and animals flying through the air. Everything came down with a crash. Never before had she heard Forosuul laugh so hard. His expression was so joyous, so full of life. He laughed so hard, she started giggling. Before they knew if, the two of them were sitting on the floor, tears streaming down their faces. The crane was the only survivor, even in its maimed state. She giggled to herself, setting it aside.

Reaching in again, pulling out a ribbon with a small medal on it. A prize from the tournament in Ice Crown. And then a small pine cone, from Grizzly Hills. We should plant this, she thought. The next thing her fingers found brought tears to her eyes. Lifting up the leather wrapped book, she smiled and wiped off her face.

Each page held a carefully pressed flower. Underneath was his sturdy script, detailing what it was, and where they had first seen it. They had started the book not long into their training in the Moonglade. It was something special for them. She had tucked it away when they stopped in Halfhill. When they started traveling again, things had been so chaotic, it was forgotten. She idly ran her fingers over the cover for a moment before placing it on the shelf. I think we should pick this up again, she mused.

Standing, she replaced the other items and the cloth. She closed the lid, resting her hand there for a moment. Her pale fingers took up the blossom book and she carried it to Forosuul’s worktable. Setting it in the center, she plucked one of the æthril he had there and laid it on top. Time to start building memories again.