Niqi had come into the shop to find the previous night’s storm had blown a large branch from the tree outside through their window. She spoke to the landlord about getting it repaired and had started cleaning up the space. There was broken glass and splinters of wood everywhere. She grabbed the broom and set to work.

It went faster than she had expected. The floors were clear and she had gathered all the debris on a large piece of cloth. She brushed the chair off onto it as well and found that Anas’s desk was quite luckily clear of any mess. Hers on the other hand, was not. 

The gown she had been embroidering was  full of bits of everything. She picked it up and swept it to the side, intending to shake it out over the cloth. As the skirt swirled through the air, it caught the edge of the display that bore a number of Mehe’s pressed blooms. The hem wrapped around one of the carved frames and before she could stop it, pulled it from the hook.

Her eyes went wide as everything seemed to move in slow motion. Stretching a hand towards it, she tried with all she had to grab it. Her fingertips grazed over it, causing it to spin slightly, moving further from her grasp. It turned a few times in the air before colliding with the corner of her worktable, shattering with a crash. It clattered to the floor, and finally ceased its movement.

Niqi sank down to the floor and crawled over to it. The frame was intact, but the rest… She  grabbed at the glass, trying to lift the flower free, ripping one of the sides nearly off. She let out a cry of anguish as she tried to piece it back together, causing further damage. 

Outside, the two men arrived to find the window busted out. They rushed in, eyes wide to find the Ren’dorei girl sitting on the floor. She was sweaty and dirty from cleaning and the shop looked to be mostly ready to go. Anas sighed, relieved until she looked up at them. “Please don’t be mad at me,” Niqi begged him, holding the broken shards in her hands. She held them out to Mehe, tears streaming down her cheeks, her tiny hands covered in nicks and cuts. In the very center lay a torn and tattered rose that had previously been pressed with love and care.

“I w-was trying t-to clean up and I b-broke it,” she sobbed. 

He crouched down and took her wrists in his hands. Moving her hands over the pile, he tipped the mess out. He took a cloth from his pocket and carefully swept the remaining shards from her hands. He gathered her up and carried her to the sofa. “It’s just a flower, Little Bird. I can make another.” His tendrils wiped the tears from her cheeks and wrapped about her shoulders. 

Anas joined them, taking her fingers gently in his own. His eyes shifted to a deep purple as he extended the shadows into her hands, healing the cuts and scrapes. He brought his forehead to hers as she whimpered at the pain caused by the magic, kissing the end of her nose. “I’m sorry, Little One. Are you okay?” His eyes returned to their familiar silver, the shadows retreating from his fingers.

Niqi nodded. “Mehe? I’m so sorry.” 

He waved it off. “It’s nothing, Niqi. You can help me find a new flower to take its place,” he offered, a reassuring smile playing at the corners of his lips.

“I would like that,” she sighed, her tendrils relaxing. “Thank you.” She leaned against Anas and looked over the shop. “What a mess…”

The two men chuckled. Without much further discussion, the trio stood and finished prepping the shop to open for the day. “At least it isn’t raining today,” Anas offered. They shared a giggle at that and Mehe flipped the sign on the door to “Open” before heading to the back to make them all some tea.