She had asked him a number of times, but he was always reluctant. He would tell her he was out of practice. That he couldn’t sing while playing it. Still she bugged her brother for a little bit. Niquisse really wanted Anas involved in her wedding. She was hoping he would play, but getting him to play for her had been a bit of a challenge.

A few days ago, she decided to get a little clever. She had enlisted the help of his fiancé. She had brought lunch for them both in a basket and had convinced him to head out towards Lion’s Rest. She told him they could enjoy lunch by the fountains for a change. He had happily agreed.

“You don’t usually wear dresses to work, little one.” He chuckled as she beamed up at him. “Trying something new?”

“Well, I was thinking, if we are going to open our own shop, I should get used to looking like an owner, right?” She skipped ahead of him and curtsied dramatically, causing him to laugh aloud. “Seriously though, Anas! You always dress so well, I need to try and come to your level so we look the parts.”

“Well you look lovely. How about over here?” He gestured to an open patch of grass surrounded by beautifully manicured shrubs. Niqi nodded and handed over the soft blanket. He turned and spread it out as she set the basket down. She lowered herself gracefully to the ground and opened up the lid.

“Mind if I join you?” Anas turned at the familiar voice. A smile broke out onto his face as he greeted his mate. Mehe set down a large bag and moved to the blanket.

“Right on time!” Niqi giggled. She pulled out an assortment of food and a bit of chilled tea. Putting out a plate for each of them, she laughed at the slightly confused expression on the Kaldorei’s face. “I invited him, I hope it’s ok.”

Anas leaned in and took Mehe’s hand in his own. The Ren’dorei’s tendrils uncoiled from his arm and wound gently around Anas’s pulling him a bit closer. “Of course, little one. It’s wonderful.”

They enjoyed a quiet meal while discussing options for a location of their shop. While Anas cleaned up, Niqi stood and stretched a bit. She slowly started to sway to the sound of the falling water nearby. When Anas lifted his head, Mehe was standing beside him, Anas’s sape held out in his hands. Anas’s eyes went wide as Mehe nodded toward the tiny Ren’dorei girl starting to dance to their side. “It will be perfect, Dalah’surfal. Go on.”

Anas took the instrument and settled down on the low stone wall. Taking a moment to make sure it was tuned, his fingers began to slowly move over the strings. The tranquil sound filled the air around them, drawing a small crowd of onlookers. Niqi smiled wide and closed her eyes, adjusting her dance to the pace of the piece he played.

Without realizing it, she became completely entranced, her dance taking on a life of its own. The shadows around them began to move to her, swirling about her feet and growing. The edges of her skirt began to fade and become one with the Void energy curling around as she moved. She moved with gentle grace, Void, Shadow becoming a part of the dance as the crowd around them gasped and murmured.

As he finished playing, she bowed low to the ground before looking up at him, beaming. People around them applauded before wandering off to return to their day. Niqi giggled at him and threw her arms about his shoulders. “Out of practice, huh?” Anas simply chuckled at her, wrapping an arm around her gently. “Thank you, Anas.”