Sweet Treats

They had spent the day clearing a small area of ravagers. The insect-like creatures had destroyed much of the local wildlife and Dæsin was working to heal the land they had ruined. The two rode into Embaari Village; exhausted, but proud of the day’s work. Lilybeth smiled at him as they approached the stables. Dæsin handed over the reins to the large cats and walked up the path. Suddenly, the breeze carried a scent around them and her eyes lit up. For a moment, he thought she might actually be vibrating from her excitement. She dashed up the path full speed, a flash of blue in a rich purple gown. Poor Dæsin did his best to keep up, his damaged leg no match for his companion’s enthusiasm.

Dæsin reached the door to the little bakery just in time to see her tossing a handful of coins on the counter. He looked around and spotted the cause of her sudden glee. A fresh batch of chocolate cupcakes were being put up on the shelves to cool. She grabbed one, practically inhaling it. He chuckled at her as she turned to him with a chocolate grin. The shopkeeper, an older Draenei, could barely contain his laughter and turned to grab a broom to combat the trail of crumbs that inevitably followed her.

“I would have a much slimmer figure if I didn’t love these so much. But really, who cares! They are soooooo good!!! And I paid for two more! Which one next?” She bounced on her toes, looking over the options on the shelves. “Oooooo!” She squealed as her eyes flashed open wide. Throwing her long azure braid back, she stretched up, attempting to reach one on the very top shelf. It was covered in chocolate icing with berries piled up high.

Dæsin lurched forward, “Lily! Let me…” but he was too slow. She had stepped on the lower shelf in an attempt to give herself that last bit of height. He managed to grab her about the waist and yank her clear before the entire thing came crashing down in a tidal wave of confections and glass. “Are you all right?” She nodded, her eyes wide with surprise.

An irritated voice came from behind them. “Out!” The shopkeeper growled. “Out!” Embarrassed, she unclipped her money pouch and tossed the entire thing on the windowsill, blinking out of the bakery in a violet flash.

“I am so sorry. Let me help you clean this up,” Dæsin offered. His gentle, genuine nature diffusing the draenei’s anger. For so imposing a man, he somehow managed to make people feel at ease.

“Just don’t bring her back in here. She makes a mess every time. I don’t care how nice she is. If she wants something, you buy it. You do that and we are fine.” Dæsin bowed and went to find her.

He found her sitting at the edge of the water near Arbor Glen, staring out at the crystal water and glowing water lilies. She still had chocolate on her face. He approached slowly, using his staff to lower himself down next to her. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a soft green handkerchief. Holding it out for her, “You know, you could take bites…” She looked up at him and he laughed.

Snatching the cloth from his fingers, she cleaned her face off, flushing purple. “No. I can’t. They are too good!” She sighed. “I get kicked out permanently this time?” Dæsin nodded. “I just got too excited! It was so pretty! And it’s one of the berry filled ones!” She reached over to her side, lifting up the perfect cupcake. He howled with laughter.

“All that mess and you managed to rescue the cupcake?!” His face was the picture of pure mirth. His silver hair was a mess, full of crumbs and sprinkles from the falling treats. She ruffled it to get them all out.

Her joyful face met his and she giggled like a child. “You want it? I figure you’re due for all the embarrassment I just caused.” He shook his head and pushed her hand back towards her. Gleefully, she opened her mouth wide. He laughed and shook his head again. She smiled and took a bite. “By the gods, that is so good,” she managed with a full mouth. She trailed her bare feet in the water, making little circles and ripples.

“All right. You’ve stalled for another day. When are you going back?” His face was gentle, but his tone prodding. “You can’t stay here forever, hiding from him.”

She sighed, popping the other half into her mouth. “What do I do, Dæ? He’s my Shan’do. My Master. This wasn’t supposed to be the way. How do I tell him? How do I make him understand how much I love him?” She looked at her hands, searching for answers. Or maybe just more cupcake. “He’s going to think me a silly child for this.”

“Just tell him. However the words come spilling out. Which for you will be a lot of them.” He placed a hand gently on her shoulder. “If he is truly the man who deserves your love, he’ll get the message.”

“What if I stay another day? Maybe he’s enjoying his time alone. Maybe he’s happier without me there. I did finish everything he tasked me to learn quickly. He probably hasn’t even thought about me.” She rambled, her voice trembling. “I bet he’s been so busy, I haven’t even crossed his mind at all. This is so stupid. There’s no way he feels what I do. Why am I even doing this to myself? I should just…”

Dæsin pressed a finger to her lips. “Now stop. It is possible that he won’t return your love. But there is no way he hasn’t thought about you. You are a force of nature. And if he’s got any sense at all, he cares for you.”

“Thanks, Dæ.” He leaned over and gave her a nudge with his shoulder. Lilybeth gave him one in return. She had come to Draenor to learn the things Kalithil had wanted her to. She found a dear friend in the process. She started giggling suddenly and he looked at her like she had lost her mind. “There’s someone you should meet. She could really use a friend like you.” Nodding, she got that look on her face that told him she was hatching a plan. “Let’s go back tomorrow.”