Empty Threat

The shapely Kaldorei woman stood across the street from the bakery, as she tried to decide what to do. She pushed her long azure braid behind her shoulder. The aroma drifting in the air was too much for her to resist. She started to move across the road, mustering her courage. As she did, the proprietor stepped outside to sweep the leaves from the walkway.

“Oh no, Miss Lilybeth. I know what you’re thinking. It hasn’t been so long as I’ve forgotten what you did to my shop when last you stood inside.” The old Draenei crossed his arms, blocking the doorway.

“Oh please? I cannot reach Dæsin. And it’s been some time since I’ve had one of your wondrous treats. I’ll be good! I promise! Please, Sir!” Her eyes moved to the tray of cookies cooling on the counter. Ælithil would like those I bet, she thought with a smile. “Could I just…maybe get some things and leave quickly?” She gave him her sweetest smile, eyes shining at him.

He grunted at her, leaning against the doorframe. “You’ll make a mess in record time. No. I will not let you back inside.” Lilybeth’s long ears drooped. Her mind raced, trying to decide how to handle it. The old man chuckled a little and began to sweep, keeping a close eye on her as he did.

“I will never buy anything from you again.” Her voice was quiet, barely audible over the chatter in the street. He looked up at her, a mixture of confusion and amusement on his face. She said again, a little stronger this time, “I will never buy anything from you, if you don’t let me come in and pick them myself.”

He stood there for a moment, his mouth twisting around before he burst out into gales of laughter. “Oh Lilybeth! We both know that isn’t likely to happen.” He kept laughing, his face turning violet with his mirth. “Oh child….The day you can resist a cupcake, I will shutter this place for good. Come in…” His laughter died down to periodic chuckles. “But you stand in the middle of the room and tell me what you want. All right?”

She beamed at him, feeling this a victory, albeit a small one. “All right. I will accept that.”

“And you’ll take everything outside before you start eating. No crumbs.”

“You got it!” In they walked. The squeal of delight that emanated from within made heads turn across the village. “Oooo! That one there! And that one!…And could I try….”