Assault on the Cliffs

She ran her fingers through the long silver mohawk on her head. Reading the letter again she smiled. I’ve got a little time. I think I’ll go relax in the park, she mused. She hadn’t watched the ships coming in in a while. The harbor always was a bit exciting.

Wandering through the city, Kalimè stopped here and there, looking at things in the shop windows or enjoying the kids running down the street. She didn’t notice the ripple in the shadows by the jewelry stand. Or that it moved to trail behind her.

Crossing from the bricks to the grass, she took off her shoes and curled her toes into the soft greenery. She ran her fingers through a clump of mageroyal, plucking a blossom as she did so. She brought it to her face, letting the aroma overtake her senses. A second and third ripple joined the first. She stopped a moment, looking about her. Did I just hear someone? But there’s nothing here. Shrugging it off, she kept moving towards the cliffs.

A Kaldorei ship pulled into dock as she looked out over the water. Workers started fitting the gangplank into position and people began to shuffle into place to step off. She tucked the flower onto her ear and closed her eyes. Quickly finding her center, she lifted up off the ground while simultaneously folding her legs gracefully under her. She let herself slip into a meditative state, relaxing as she looked out over the deep blue water.

Moments later she was on the ground, looking up at the faces of three large male Kaldorei. She arched her back, sprinting to her feet. “What do you want?” She turned slowly, keeping them in view as they circled her. Without a word, one lunged forward. With a quick turn, she brought her hand around, her palm hitting his chest, forcing him backward. His silver eyes flared as the other two moved in at once. She ducked and swung a leg out, taking the tallest off his feet. The third, the largest of the three, gripped her shoulder and she whirled around. She aimed for his head with an intended blackout kick, but he dodged. Punch after punch, he deflected or ducked. Shit, this one can move, she thought.

The blue haired one was upon her again. Realizing her position, she torpedoed forward to regain some advantage. The tallest picked up a stone and threw it catching the side of her face. The moments distraction was all they needed. A line whipped out yanking at her ankle, bringing her down.

Two of them had her pinned at the shoulders, their feet firmly planted to cut off her ability to move. The third pulled out what looked to her to be a small weighted sack. Her eyes went wide, flashing. She brought her legs up in a quick attempt at a sweep. He caught the left and brought the makeshift weapon down onto her right shin, shattering the bone. Kali screamed, the pain causing her entire body to twist against his grip. The leg in his hand, he yanked deftly, dislocating it, preventing any form of escape.

“Please! Why are you doing this? Let me go!” she sobbed. The male on her right slammed his foot into her ribs repeatedly. After the third kick, all she could do was cry out.

Shut her up!” The man at her feet growled. The one to her left nodded and kicked her in the face. The first one didn’t quite do it, so he moved and brought it round again. Her world went completely dark.

Their leader hit her unconscious form several times, breaking a number of bones, including her left cheek. “Not so cute now, is she,” he sneered. He pulled out a scroll and tied it to her right hand. “Now to find the other one. Dump her.” He stood and dusted off his hands. “Iasea didn’t tell us she’d been trained.” He cursed as he scuffled their footprints.

The others grabbed her wrists and dragged her to the edge. Dropping her arms, they rolled her off with a push of their feet. A soft thud could be heard as she hit a ledge many feet below. “Have to be good enough. Can’t get to her now,” said said the taller of the pair.

“Idiots. Iasea said to be sure of it. You better hope no one finds her in time.” He adjusted his pack and pointed to the city. “Find out about the brother. And see if he’s got training as well. Do it quickly. I want to get paid.”