From Another Realm Ch 1

“It was here, no more than an hour ago. Find the exact point. NOW!” He took a moment to adjust his sleeves, picking a bit of grass off and flicking it away. Watching the hunters search the area with their special sight, he scowled. 

“Here, Your Grace,” one of them indicated. She stood, awaiting his appraisal. Her lithe form was traced with brilliant purple tattoos, and one might have thought her bronze skin and golden hair would show a woman of beauty. But her face was fully covered, leaving it entirely to the imagination.

The Lord Protector stepped closer and examined the spot. “Get it reopened and let me know when you’ve stabilized it. I want to know who is opening rifts through the Void into our realm.” She nodded and waited for praise that would not come. “Sulime! I expect it ready for me in no more than an hour. Get to it.

~~~Two Hours Later~~~

Standing on the other side of the Rift, The Lord Protector took in the scenery. “Kul Tiras. Odd… Let’s get to Silvermoon and see where things stand.” He turned back to the rift and raised his hands. A flash of deep purples and violets seared the space and it vanished from sight. “Test it,” he commanded. 

Sulime picked up a stone and cleaned it off. She tossed it at the empty air before him and it disappeared. Moments later it came back through, with a golden mark on one side. “It’s set, Your Grace. We can move back and forth between the two realms as needed.” The Lord Protector nodded and opened a portal to Silvermoon city. He stepped through, not waiting to see if his companion followed.

Once on the other side, his nose wrinkled up. An orc strode past him along with a troll. “Damn…” He made his way towards the libraries, listening to the conversations around him carefully. “Find me appropriate quarters, then meet me in the library. I will begin at once.”

“Yes, Your Grace,” she bowed low to him. He waved her off dismissively, already walking away from her. Behind her veil, Sulime pouted.